Life After 'Sesame Street'

Richard Termine

Richard Termine

When it was announced earlier this year that Roscoe Orman, who has played Gordon Robinson, one of the central human characters on Sesame Street since 1974, will exit the newly revamped show, there was an outcry from his multi-generational fans. But the veteran actor is plenty busy, now featured in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson at Hartford Stage, playing through Nov. 13.

Does he see similarities between Sesame Street and the neighborhood of The Hill section of Pittsburgh of which Wilson writes in his 10-play cycle? “There is a very strong mission on both to create a strong sense of community and common learning and moving forward,” says Orman, who was also in the Broadway production of Wilson’s Fences. “Both are amazing tapestries and I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of both.”

And an update on his relationship with the new Sesame Street?

“It’s still a work in progress,” he says. “We’re moving forward with the people at HBO. It’s still to be resolved, but I’m very optimistic.”