The Ultimate 'Hamilton'/Hamilton Quiz

Hamilton overall.jpg

So you think you know “Hamilton” — or even Hamilton, as in Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first secretary of the Treasury and subject of the cultural zeitgeist of a musical whose tour will play The Bushnell for three weeks, from Dec. 11 to 30.

Before you take a bow, first see if you can pass this test of Hamilton/“Hamilton” facts and minutiae. Now take your best shot.

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind of “Hamilton,” got his start writing his first musical “In the Heights” as a sophomore at Wesleyan University when he …

A.) — Had to deliver on a bet that he couldn’t write a show over a weekend.

B.) — Wanted to impress a girl he was dating with his rap skills.

C.) — Presented the show as his class project instead of a paper on the immigrants of New York.

D.) — Lived in a clothing-optional dorm at the school.

2. Though fans of “Hamilton” may be familiar with the song, “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down),” the groundwork for the rebel victory at Yorktown was planned by George Washington and French General Rochambeau…

A.) — in what is now called Washington Heights, not far from where Miranda grew up.

B.) — at the home of Joseph Webb in Wethersfield.

C.) — at the New York City home of the Rev. James Thackery, which is ironically now the site of Trump Tower.

D.) — while traveling on Metro North.

3. Miranda originally intended his musical project on Hamilton to be …

A.) — a concept album.

B.) — an opera.

C.) — used as a teaching tool for American history classes at high schools.

D.) — an animated film.

4. Miranda first tried out a song from his Alexander Hamilton project at ...

A.) — a fundraiser for Amnesty International.

B.) — the White House.

C.) — Mount Vernon.

D.) — the New York Stock Exchange.