My Oscar Predictions: Why The Hell Not


It's not the Tony Awards, but the Oscars will do until June.

So let's play predictions of the winners. Here's mine.

Best pic: The Shape of Water

Best director: Guillermo del Toro ("The Shape of Water')

Best actress: Frances McDormand ("Seven Billboards...")

Best actor: Gary Oldman ("The Darkest Hour")

Best supporting actress: Allison Janney ("Seven Billboards...")

Best supporting actor: This was a tough one. I really want RichardJenkiins bit it will be Sam Rockwell, a fine actor who I thought was misdirected in "Seven Billboards...")

Best adapted screenplay: James Ivory ("Call Me By Your Name")

Best original screenplay: Jordan Peele ("Get Out")..throiuygh Greta Gerwing could also snap this .

Best animated film: "Coco"

Best documentary: "Icarus"

Best foreign: "The Insult"

Best cinematographer: "Blade Runner 2049:"

Best costumes: "The Phantom Thread"

Best film editor; "Dunkirk"

Best original score: "The Share of Water:

Best song: "This Is Me" from "The Greatest Showman"

Best production design: "Bladerunner 2049"

Best sound: "Dunkirk"

Best sound mix: "Dunkirk"

Best visual effects: "Blade Runner 2049":

Best animated short: "Dear Basketball:

Best documentary short: "Heaven Is a Traffic Jam..."

Best documentary live a action: "The Eleven O'Clock"

Best makeup/hair: "The Darkest Hour"